PWK ITN Malang will be a Pilot Project for Regional and City Planning Competency Test Site

Head of PWK ITN Malang Dr. Agung Witjaksono, S.T., M.T., (blue shirt) flanked by Muhammad Sulhi Purnama, S.T., Daily Executive of LSP PWK East Java (left), and Chairman of IAP East Java, Adam Adikara, S.T., M.T., and Dr. Maria Christina Endarwati, ST, MIUEM, Lecturer of PWK ITN Malang. (Photo: Mita/Humas ITN

Malang, ITN.AC.ID The importance of certificates of expertise for graduates is well realized by the Regional and City Planning (PWK) Study Program, National Institute of Technology (ITN) Malang. As PWK graduates, alumni are expected to have competence as experts who are able to design, and supervise the implementation of regional and city development.

The interests of graduates are the main things that underlie the PWK ITN Malang Study Program to propose itself as a competency test site (TUK). In collaboration with the East Java PWK Professional Certification Institute (LSP), ITN Malang PWK Study Program at the end of January 2023 opened discussions with the Rector of ITN Malang. This collaboration will later become a TUK PWK pilot project.

Head of PWK ITN Malang Dr. Agung Witjaksono, S.T., M.T., hopes that the cooperation related to the competency test site can be implemented as soon as possible. PWK ITN Malang Study Program through LSP has the opportunity to become a competency test site. So that students who are preparing a thesis can be involved.

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" PWK ITN Malang is now ready to serve as a competency testing facility. We also have a commitment to PWK alumni. There will be a workshop on spatial planning before they graduate. Therefore, they will be licensed once their studies are complete," said Agung. . . . .

Similarly, Chairman of the Association of Planners (IAP) of East Java Province, Adam Adikara, S.T., M.T., said that LSP wishes to collaborate with ITN Malang to open a competency test site (TUK). LSP PWK as a professional certification body is an institution that has the right to issue certificates certifying the professional work eligibility of a scholar.

Rektor ITN Malang, Prof Dr Eng Ir Abraham Lomi MSEE, bersama dosen PWK ITN Malang menerima kunjungan Ketua IAP Jawa Timur, dan Muhammad Sulhi Purnama, S.T., Pelaksana Harian LSP PWK Jawa Timur. (Foto: Istimewa)

"Currently, ITN is planned to be the first test facility for the PWK profession. We have met and discussed with the Rector regarding the collaboration. We are the IAP team that developed the LSP PWK. The advantage for alumni who have a license will be better known as a planner. If you don't have a certificate, legally you cannot practice being a planner, "explained Adam, who is also an alumnus of PWK ITN Malang class of '93.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Sulhi Purnama, S.T., the daily executive of LSP PWK said that the collaboration with ITN Malang is a professional project for fresh graduates from both ITN Malang and outside ITN Malang. . . . When they graduate, they will be equipped with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to get the KUM score. Only then is it assessed by the PWK assessor.

"LSP only issues SKK. Later those who organize it are IAP and the campus. This will be a pilot project where ITN Malang becomes TUK for all campuses in East Java, because not all campuses become TUK," said Sulhi.

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The choice of ITN Malang as TUK is not without reason. This is because many of the IAP East Java members who have SKK are graduates of PWK ITN Malang, and their alumni are also spread to various regions. Historically, PWK ITN Malang has also often been a training and competency test site with adequate facilities and human resources.

According to Sulhi . SKK is very important to have as a professional provision to get a job. The SKK will show the competence of a city and planning expert. "Hopefully, what we plan according to the MoU can be achieved. This will be a pilot project for PWK campuses throughout Indonesia," he concluded. (Mita Erminasari / ITN Malang Public Relations)