Industrial Engineering Students Provide PHBS Education, Drawing, and Games for Bina Desa Community Service

Students of SD Negeri Gajahrejo 1, Purwodadi, Pasuruan accompanied by ITN Malang Industrial Engineering students show the results of coloring pictures. (Photo: Special)

Malang, ITN.AC.ID The atmosphere of Gajahrejo 1 State Elementary School was different from usual. The elementary school located in Purwodadi District, Pasuruan, looked crowded and excited with the presence of 28 students from the National Institute of Technology (ITN) Malang. Students who are members of the Industrial Engineering Student Association (HMTI) ITN Malang for one day conducted Bina Desa at Gajahrejo 1 Elementary School in mid-January 2023.

According to Fegi Afrilga, one of the members of HMTI ITN Malang, HMTI has routinely carried out village development. Last year they also conducted Village Development at Miftahul Ulum Kindergarten, Gajahrejo Village. This year's theme is Clean Healthy Living and Love Reading, with village development serving as an implementation of one of higher education's three pillars, namely community service. ..

"This activity was to foster and remind students of the importance of cleanliness and health in everyday life. We also distributed reading books, and interesting posters to increase students' interest in reading," explained Fegi when contacted via Whatsapp connection some time ago.

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HMTI provided educational material on Clean and Healthy Living Behavior (PHBS) to students of SDN Gajahrejo 1. They transmit the experience of clean and healthy behavior from an early age. So that students can improve the quality of daily life with clean and healthy behavior. Such as washing hands with soap, throwing garbage in its place, consuming healthy food / snacks, regular exercise, and so on.

In addition to providing PHBS education, the engineering campus students also invited students to color pictures that had previously been prepared. The most interesting pictures get prizes in the form of writing utensils, such as notebooks, drawing books, pencils, and erasers.


ITN Malang S-1 Industrial Engineering students conducted Bina Desa at SD Negeri Gajahrejo 1, Purwodadi, Pasuruan, in January 2023. (Photo: Special)

"In order not to get bored, we also held several exciting games. Such as Simon Says, Train, Guess the Word, and other unique games. The most active students were rewarded with snacks, milk, and bread," continued the student from West Sumatra.

Ivan Ardiansyah, another HMTI member, added that other than education, drawing, and games, the Blue Campus students also installed bookshelves in several classes. Installing class name labels in each class, and interesting posters to increase students' interest in reading was very a good deed done by ITN Malang students.

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The arrival of the Industrial Engineering students was warmly welcomed by the teachers. Moreover, student activities bring a new atmosphere to SDN Gajahrejo 1. Students were also willing to help teachers in teaching the class.

"The students were also very happy with our activities. In addition to gaining new knowledge, they were also happy with the games we provided. Especially when they managed to get a prize," said the student from Karangploso, Malang. (Mita Erminasari/Public Relation of ITN Malang)